History of World War

History of World War

History of World War 2

Unfortunately, the cause of world war 2 can be traced from the troubles caused at World war 1. The blame was sanctioned to the Germans as they caused many disputes in the Europe causing to much hostility and as a nation they were caught with a guilt.

In the closing days of world war 1 Germany had an economic recession and it collapsed and currency became worthless amidst this chaos an Auschwitz politician gave the Germans new hope that is Adolf Hitler he governed his country with an Iron Fist and controlled his country via communism and fascism.  As he became the leader of this country he promised his country that they will become a great nation once again through out the 1930s and voted into power he made anti antisemitism  propaganda that is to kill all the European Jews who is very wealthy at that time. This also sparkled the idea that the Germans are the most superior race and better than all the rest that led to conquering many ethnic minority. Germany allied their country with the ambitious Japan and Iron fist nation of Italy and they were formed and known as the AXIS Powers. As Germany shrunked after WW1 so they conquered countries in Europe they started in Austria and conquered that land followed by Czechoslovakia then had eyes on the priced place of Poland that was warned by British Prime minister at that time not to conquer but Hitler did so UK declared war in 1939 against Germany. After capturing Poland. Hitler captured Denmark and Norway then he had sights on France they initially defeated France as they surrendered. Luckily Britain is an Island that’s why Hitler and Germany cancelled their invasion of it but surely made troubling and alarming bombs and damaged britain a lot. Hitler having great sights on Europe had his vision on Russia though him and Russia’s leader at that time had agreements of not engaging war ultimately cut the promised and invaded russia. They were intially successful at the start only to get pummelled during the cold winter at Russia.  USA who is spectating at the outside slowly supplied aids to the ALLIED forces and cutting off oil in Japan as the latter had already captured many countries in asia and aspire to expand in the west. In 1941 Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor (American Territory) this led to the declaration of US – War on Japan.

Thus Germany an Axis Power declared war on USA. The hungarian Scientist who are studying nuclear physics have warned America that the Nazis are already studying about it. So they asked Einstein about it and informed the Allied forces and President Roosevelt to built this weapon of mass destruction –it was a race of time. IN 1944 the D-day took place and help secure France again. In 1945 though Germany was covered. Russia first had a look at berlin and demolished it. On that same year, Hitler shot himself and a week after his death. Germany surrendered. Meanwhile the action between Japan and Us continued the war and the Atomic bomb that US initially wanted to use on Germany was finished and the new President of US used it on the attack of Japan of Hiroshima. The city was flattened the people were vaporized and the survivors died after several days due to radiation but Japan has yet to surrender then they dropped the second bomb at Nagasaki and finally they surrendered and finally the world war 2 had come to an end.

To this day, is it ethical to use such weapon of mass destruction on a population.

Once again the world is a change place after this war.